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A free partnership - More than 240,000 partners, mostly originating from more than 640 associations worldwide.
They are elite buyers, executives and decision makers for M.I.C.E. , Promotion and Incentie Marketing.

Partners for conferences, meetings, events and incentive tours are elite buyers and decision makers or executives of the business and leisure travel industry as:
- event, communication and advertising agencies
- media relations, public relations and R.P.S.C. agencies
- leisure travel agencies and incoming agencies
- PCOs - meeting & conference organisers (agencies)
- DMCs, business & corporate travel agencies
- entertainment, team building, training, coaching & HR agencies
- special event services, post congress services organisers

more than 160,000 partners worldwide

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Also partners for promotion, motivation and advertising industry are elite buyers, executives and decision makers. They are:
- communication, public relations and advertising agencies
- market, opinion research & consultancy - brand identity agencies
- Incentive houses, motivation houses, collection agencies
- promotion, loyalty and continuity experts.
- agencies and distributors of promotional items
- HR companies, coaching companies
- Importers & sourcers of promotional items and corporate gifts

more than 80,000 partners worldwide

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The official voices of The Incentive Club - updated daily from the partners - are 18,600 conference hotels , conference centers and venues Worldwide best directory for M.I.C.E. Worldwide for Promotions, Motivation, Loyalty and Corporate gifts - all distributors, importers, agencies and suppliers for most important italian Convention Venues and Locations - more than 46,000 suppliers, Importers and Distributors listed - gives information to all parters worldwide in 48 languages

Total more than 240,000 partners worldwide

Authorized associations

The associations listed below receive every four months the new password to use where required.
If you are a member of one of these associations ask your secretary the current password or

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IAA - International Advertising AssociationUsaEnglishAdvertising
OWM - German Advertisers AssociationGermanyGerman/EAdvertising
BEDA - Bureau of European Design Ass'nsSpainEnglishAdvertising
OAAA - Outdoor Advertising Ass'n of AmericaUsaEnglishAdvertising
The Advertising Council, Inc.UsaEnglishAdvertising
ANA Ass of National AdvertisersUsaEnglishadvertising
AEF - Advertising Educational FoundationUsaEnglishAdvertising
GWA - German Advertising AssociationGermanyEnglish/DAdvertising
INPE - Istituto Naz. Pubblicità EsternaItalyItalianAdvertising
FEPE - Federation of outdoor AdvertisingSwitzerl.English/FIDAdvertising
EASA - Europ. Advertising Standard AllianceBelgiumEnglishAdvertising
IAB - Interactive Advertising BureauInternationalEnglishAdvertising
WFA - World Federation of AdvertisersBelgiumEnglishAdvertising
Pubblicità ProgressoItalyItalianAdvertising
The Adv Federation of Greater MiamiUsaEnglishAdvertising
AD Council - The Advertising Council IncUsaEnglishAdvertising
Act ResponsibleSwitzerlandEnglishAdvertising
AACC Ass'n Agences-Conseils Communic.FranceFrenchAdvertising
AAAA American Ass'n of Advertising AgenciesUsaEnglishAdvertising & Events
ISBAU.k.italianAdvertising & Events
IPA Inst. of Practitioners in AdvertisingU.k.EnglishAdvertising & Events
Action CoachUsaEnglishCoaching
ABERJE Brasilian Ass'n Business CommunicationBrasilBrasilianCommunication
EACD Euro Ass'n Communication DirectorsBelgiumEnglishCommunication
IAP - Istituto dell'Autodisciplina PubblicitariaItalyItalianCommunication
ICOGRADA Int'l Council Graphic Design Ass.CanadaEnglishCommunication
Ass. Ital. Comunicazione Pubblica e IstituzItalyItalianCommunication
AIAP - Ass.Ital. Progettaz. Comunicaz. VisivaItalyItalianCommunication
ARF - The Advertising Research FoundationUsaEnglishCommunication
FCP - Federaz. Concessionarie PubblicitàItalyItalianCommunication
Aicun - Associaz. Ital. Comunicatori UniversitàItalyItalianCommunication
UPA - Utenti Pubblicità AssociatiItalyItalianCommunication
EACA - Europ Ass. Commun. AgenciesBelgiumEnglishCommunication
Unicom - Unione Naz. Imprese Comunicaz.ItalyItalianCommunication
Club Comunicazione d' impresaItalyItalianCommunication
ACPI - Associaz. Consulenti Pubblicit. ItalianiItalyItalianCommunication
TP - Assoc. Italiana Pubblicitari ProfessionistiItalyItalianCommunication
IABC Int'l Ass'n of Business CommunicatorsUsaEnglishCommunication
ASSOCOM - Associaz. Aziende ComunicazioneItalyItalianCommunication
AWC - Ass'n for Woman in CommunicationUsaEnglishCommunication
Ascai - Ass.Sviluppo Comunicaz AziendaliItalyItalianCommunication
ICCO - Int'l Communications Consultancy Org.U.k.EnglishCommunications
FAMAB - German Ass'n for Event ServicesGermanyGerman/EnEvent Services
Eventia - (former CEA + ITMA) + BACDUkEnglishEvents
ILEA Int'l Live Events AssociationUsaEnglishEvents
BNC Buyer's Networking ClubU.k.EnglishEvents
IAA - Int'l Adv Ass'n Italy ChapterItalyItalianEvents & Advertising
ACEA Ass'n of Communic. Events AgenciesBelgiumEnglishEvents & Advertising
Adci - Art Directors Club ItalianoItalyItalianEvents & Advertising
ABC - Audit Bureau of CirculationsUsaEnglishMedia Auditing
BPA WorldwideUsaEnglishMedia Auditing
WAN-IFRA Worls Ass'n Newspapers & News PublishersGermanyEnglishPress
SNA - Suburban Newspapers of AmericaUsaEnglishpress
FERPI - Federazione Relaz. Pubbliche ItalianaItalyItalianPublic Relations
PRSA Public Relations Society of AmericaUsaEnglishPublic Relations
Council of Public Relations FirmsUsaEnglishPublic Relations
Worldcom Public Relations GroupUsaEnglishPublic Relations
PRGN - Public Relations Global NetworkCanadaEnglishPublic Relations
PRSA - PR Society of AmericaUsaEnglishPublic Relations
IPRA Int'l Public Relations Ass'nU.k.EnglishPublic Relations
ASSOREL - Associaz. Agenzie Relaz. PubblicheItalyItalianPublic Relations
ADECEC - Ass. Empresas Public RelationsSpainSpanishPublic Relations
GA Global Alliance for PR & Communication MgmtSwitzerlandEnglishR & Communication
DircomSpainSpanishR & Communication
IAB - Interactive Advertising Bureau ItaliaItalyItalianWeb Advertising