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A free partnership - More than 240,000 partners, mostly originating from more than 640 associations worldwide.
They are elite buyers, executives and decision makers for M.I.C.E. , Promotion and Incentie Marketing.

Partners for conferences, meetings, events and incentive tours are elite buyers and decision makers or executives of the business and leisure travel industry as:
- event, communication and advertising agencies
- media relations, public relations and R.P.S.C. agencies
- leisure travel agencies and incoming agencies
- PCOs - meeting & conference organisers (agencies)
- DMCs, business & corporate travel agencies
- entertainment, team building, training, coaching & HR agencies
- special event services, post congress services organisers

more than 160,000 partners worldwide

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Also partners for promotion, motivation and advertising industry are elite buyers, executives and decision makers. They are:
- communication, public relations and advertising agencies
- market, opinion research & consultancy - brand identity agencies
- Incentive houses, motivation houses, collection agencies
- promotion, loyalty and continuity experts.
- agencies and distributors of promotional items
- HR companies, coaching companies
- Importers & sourcers of promotional items and corporate gifts

more than 80,000 partners worldwide

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The official voices of The Incentive Club - updated daily from the partners - are 18,600 conference hotels , conference centers and venues Worldwide best directory for M.I.C.E. Worldwide for Promotions, Motivation, Loyalty and Corporate gifts - all distributors, importers, agencies and suppliers for most important italian Convention Venues and Locations - more than 46,000 suppliers, Importers and Distributors listed - gives information to all parters worldwide in 48 languages

Total more than 240,000 partners worldwide

Authorized associations

The associations listed below receive every four months the new password to use where required.
If you are a member of one of these associations ask your secretary the current password or

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ICF - Int'l Coach FederationUsaEnglishCoaching
ACR - Ass'n for Consumer ResearchUsaEnglishConsumer Research
IPIA - Independent Print Industries Ass'nU.k.Englishdigital print
SGIA - Specialty Graphic Imaging Ass'nUsaEnglishdigital print
DMA - The Direct Marketing AssociationUsaEnglishDirect Marketing
Dma - The Direct Marketing Association (Uk)U.kEnglishDirect Marketing
AIDIM - Ass. Italiana Direct MarketingItalyItalianDirect Marketing
CMD Le cercle du marketing directFranceFrenchDirect Marketing
FEDMA - Feder. of European Direct MarketingBelgiumEnglishDirect Marketing
FEVAB - Fed. E-commerce Vente a DistanceFranceFrenchDirect Marketing
ESSA - Event Supplier and Services Ass'nU.k.EnglishEvent Suppliers
PlasaU.k.EnglishEvent Supply
IEBA - Int'l Entertainment Buyers AssUsaEnglishEvents - Entertainment
EDPA Expo Designers & producers Ass'nUsaEnglishExpo & Trade Fairs
CAEM - Canadian Ass'n of Expo ManagementCanadaEnglish/FrExpo & Trade Fairs
BIE Bureau Int'l des ExpositionsFranceFrench/EFair Organisers
ASAL - Ass. Aziende AllestitriciItalyItalianFairs - Events
IFES - Int'l Fed Exhibition and event ServicesBelgiumEnglishFairs - Events
AIMFE - Ass.Espanola Marketing FerialSpainSpanishFairs - Events
FEBELUX Fed of Exhibitions Be & LuxBelgiumEnglish/FFairs - Events
AEO - Association of Event OrganisersU.k.EnglishFairs - Events
AFE Ass de Ferias EspanolasSpainSpanish/EFairs - Events
IAFE - Int'l Ass'n of Fairs and ExpositionsUsaEnglishFairs - Events
IAEE (IAEM) - Int'l Assn Exhibition and EventsUsaEnglishFairs - Events
AUMA - Ass. of the German Trade Fair Ind.GermanyEnglishFairs - Events
AEFI - Associazione Esposiz. Fiere ItalianeItalyEnglish/ItFairs - Events
EEAA - Exhibition & Event ass'n AustralasiaAustraliaEnglishFairs - Events
Tea - Trade Exhibition Association (Thai)ThailandEnglishFairs - Events
EMECA Euro Major Expo Centers Ass'nBelgiumEnglishFairs - Events
UFI - The Global Ass. of the Exhibition Ind.FranceEnglishFairs - Events
Usitt United States Instit. Theatre TechnologyUsaEnglishFairs - Events
EXSA Exhibition & Event Ass'n South AfricaSouth AfricaEnglishFairs - Events
SISO Society of Independent Show OrganizersUsaEnglishFairs - Events
Centrex Int'l Exhibition Statistics UnionHungaryEnglishFairs - Events
AFIDA - Ass Int'l de FeriasSpainSpanishFairs - Events
WFA - Western Fairs AssociationUsaEnglishFairs - Events
ANASFIM Ass. Naz. Agenzie Servizi e Field MktItalyItalianfield marketing
In-store Marketing InstituteUsaEnglishIn-store
LMA Legal Marketing AssociationUsaEnglishlegal Marketing
Ebeltoft GroupSwitzerl.EnglishMarket Research
ASC - Ass'n for Survey ComputingU.k.EnglishMarket Research
ESOMAR - Ass of Market Res ProfessionalsHollandEnglishMarket Research
ASSIRM - Associaz. Istit. Ricerche MercatoItalyItalianMarket Research
MRS - The Market Research SocietyU.K.EnglishMarket Research
CIM - The Chartered Institute of MarketingU.k.EnglishMarketing
EMC - European Marketing ConfederationBelgiumEnglishMarketing
Club del marketing e della comunicazioneItalyItalianMarketing
Adico - Marketing & Comm. Managers Ass.ItalyItalianMarketing
AISM - Associaz. Italiana Studi MarketingItalyItalianMarketing
BMA - Business Marketing AssociationUsaEnglishMarketing
Club de Marketing de BarcelonaSpainEnglishMarketing
Club de marketing SuisseSwitzerl.French/D/IMarketing
AIM - European Brand AssociationBelgiumEnglishMarketing
PMA - Promotion Marketing AssociationUsaEnglishMarketing
Club Dirigenti Vendita e MarketingItalyItalianMarketing
Marketing Science InstituteUsaEnglishMarketing
ADM - Associaz del Marketing ComunicazioneItalyItalianMarketing
DDMA - Dutch Dialogue Marketing Ass'nhollandEnglish/dutchMarketing
ADETEM - Association Nationale MarketingFranceFrench/EMarketing
CCI - Customer Care InstituteUsaEnglishMarketing
ASMI - American Strategic Manag' t InstituteUsaEnglishMarketing
CMO - Chief Marketing Officer CouncilUsaEnglishMarketing
SLMA Sales Lead Manage't AssociationUsaEnglishMarketing
MCEI Marketing Communic. Executives Int'lBelgiumFrenchMarketing
MMA - Mobile Marketing Ass'nUsaEnglishMarketing
EMI - Event Marketing InstituteUsaEnglishMarketing
CMA - Canadian Marketing Ass'nCanadaEnglish/FMarketing
MRIA/ARIM Market Research & Intelligence AssCanadaEnglish/FrMarketing
Manager ItaliaItalyItalianMarketing
German Marketing AssociationGermanyGermanMarketing
MCCA Mkt Communication Consultants Ass'nU.k.EnglishMarketing
Uk Gift Card & Voucher AssociationU.k.EnglishMarketing
MAA Worldwide Marketing Agencies Ass'n WorldwideUsaEnglishMarketing
The Marketing Society LtdU.k.EnglishMarketing
NARMS Nat. ass'n for retail Marketing ServicesUsaEnglishMarketing
NRF - National Retail FederationUsaEnglishMarketing
SMEI - Sales & Marketing Executives Int'l Inc.UsaEnglishMarketing
AMA - American Marketing AssociationUsaEnglishMarketing
ASSEPRIM - Ass.It.Serv. Professionali ImpreseItalyItalianMarketing
ADMA - Australian Direct Marketing Ass'nAustraliaEnglishMarketing
ECR - Efficient Consumer ResponseBelgiumEnglishP.O.P
AICC - Ass. Indep. Corrugated ConvertersUsaEnglishP.O.P
ISA - International Sign AssociationUsaEnglishP.O.P
SDEA - Shop & Display Equipment Ass'nU.k.EnglishP.O.P
NASFM - Nat. Ass.Store Ficture ManufacturersUsaEnglishP.O.P
NAS - National Association of ShopfittersU.k.EnglishP.O.P
VISCOM - Ass'n for Visual CommunicationSwitzerl.Ger/E/F/IP.O.P
ESCA - Exposition Service Contractors Ass.UsaEnglishP.O.P
POPAI - Point of Purchase Advertising Int'lUsaEnglishP.O.P.
POSMA - Pos & Marketing AssociationsGermanyGermanPOS & marketing
WorldatWork - Total Rewards Ass'nUsaEnglishrecognition, rewards