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Company City Nation Details Hits
Cema Next Ferrara Italy 70
P.E. Progetto Eventi srl Castelmaggiore Italy 69
Tendenze Turistiche Monte Colombo Italy 69
Mood Eventi Piacenza Italy 69
Hde snc Zola Predosa Italy 69
All in Events Bologna Italy 69
Elastica Bologna Italy 69
Absolut Eventi Bologna Italy 72
ExXtra Ideas srl Bologna Italy 69
Officine Digitali Bologna Italy 69
Felsinea Pubblicità srl Bologna Italy 69
Mediagroup 98 Modena Italy 69
Bi&Bi Advertising srl Colorno Italy 69
Mr Watson srl Parma Italy 69
EventiOggi Cesena Italy 69
Adriapoint srl Rimini Italy 69
Step Communication Rimini Italy 69
Wow Meetings s.r.l. Rimini Italy 70
Progetka srl Rimini Italy 71
Spettacoli.Pro SRL Castelbolognese Italy 69
Free Event Faenza Italy 69
Mpr Faenza Italy 69
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