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Company City Nation Details Hits
2-morrow Vienna Austria 69
Prosam Marktservice GmbH Vienna Neudorf Austria 69
TCI Research Brussels Belgium 68
InSites Consulting Gent Belgium 69
Ipsos Paris France 69
Ifr Monitoring Rueil Malmaison France 69
Shopcontrol Deutschland GmbH Cologne Germany 69
GfK Group Nuremberg Germany 69
QuestBack AS Oslo Norway 69
QuestBack Europe Oslo Norway 69
TNS Gallup Adfact Moscow Russia 69
Agb Nielsen Media Research Buochs Switzerland 69
Mafo Concept Zurich Switzerland 69
One Question BN Castricum The Netherlands 69 Amsterdam The Netherlands 69
Mwm2 BV Amsterdam The Netherlands 69
Prism Guildford U.k. 69
Hill & Knowlton London U.k. 70
Nielsen Europe London U.k. 80
SSI London London U.k. 68
TNS-BMRB London U.k. 69
FutureSource St Albans U.k. 70
Infocorp Ltd. London U.k. 69
Research Now London London U.k. 69
McCallum Layton Leeds U.k. 69
FDS International Ltd London U.k. 69
B2B International Ltd Manchester U.k. 69
eDigitalResearch Hedge End U.k. 68
AMR International London U.k. 68
Tns London U.k. 69
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