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Industry Fairs Nation City Calender
3d Print France Lyon 04/06/2024
AAFA Executive Summit Usa Washington D.C. 06/03/2024
Ambiente Germany Frankfurt 26/01/2024
American Int'l Toy Fair Usa New York 01/03/2025
ASD Market Week Usa Las Vegas 04/07/2024
Asi Power Summit Usa San Diego CA 13/10/2024
Asi Show Chicago Usa Chicago 23/07/2024
Asi Show Connex Usa Phoenix Az 07/10/2024
Asi Show Fort Worth Usa Fort Worth 04/03/2024
Asi Show Orlando Usa Orlando, FL 03/01/2024
Asia Apparel Expo Germany Berlin 19/02/2024
Bologna Licensing / Kids Italy Bologna 08/04/2024
Canton Fair Spring China Guangzhou 15/04/2024
Creativ Salzburg Fall Austria Salzburg 23/08/2024
Creativ Salzburg Spring Austria Salzburg 20/02/2024
CreativeWorld Germany Frankfurt 27/01/2024
CTCO (form. Communiquez Textile) France Lyon 06/02/2024
DAX Kansas City Usa Kansas City 23/02/2024
DAX Tinley Park Usa Tinley Park IL 19/04/2024
DG Taiwan (Giftionery) Taiwan Taipei 18/04/2024
Drupa Germany Dusseldorf 28/05/2024
DSE Digital Signage Experience Usa Las Vegas 07/12/2024
Euroflora Italy Genoa 24/04/2025
Expo della Pubblicita' EP Italy Catania 23/02/2024
Expohogar Spain Barcelona 05/10/2024
Fespa Global Print Expo The Netherlands Amsterdam 19/03/2024
Festiwal Marketingu Poland Warsaw 18/09/2024
Gift + Home Market Alberta Canada Edmonton 25/02/2024
Gift Show Greece Athens 25/01/2024
Gifts & Home Beijing spring China Beijing 21/03/2024
Gifts & Home China Spring China Shenzhen 25/04/2024
Give A Days + Wetec Germany Stuttgart 13/02/2025
GPX Graphics Pro Expo (form. Nbm Show) Usa Irving 07/03/2024
Graphics Pro Expo - GPX Usa Long Beach 17/08/2024
GWW Trend fall Germany Cologne 24/09/2024
GWW Trend Spring Germany Frankfurt 27/02/2024
Haptica Germany Bonn 13/03/2024
Hong Kong Gift & Premium Hong Kong SAR Hong Kong 27/04/2024
Hong Kong Houseware Hong Kong SAR Hong Kong 20/04/2024
Hong Kong Jewellery Hong Kong SAR Hong Kong 29/02/2024
Hong Kong Toys + Stationery Fair Hong Kong SAR Hong Kong 08/01/2024
Hong Kong Watch & Clock Hong Kong SAR Hong Kong 03/09/2024
Iata World Cargo Symposium China Hong Kong 12/03/2024
Iaw Messe Spring Germany Cologne 04/03/2024
IHGF Dehli Fair India New Delhi 16/10/2024
IHGF Handicrafts & Gifts Spring India New Delhi 06/02/2024
Impressions Expo Atlantic City Usa Atlantic City 21/03/2024
Impressions Expo Ft. Worth Usa Ft. Worth 24/10/2024
Impressions Expo Long Beach Usa Long Beach 19/01/2024
Imprint Canada Show Canada Toronto 12/01/2024
Imprint Western Canada Show Canada Calgary 20/09/2024
Inhorgenta Europe Germany Munich 16/02/2024
Intergift Spain Madrid 07/02/2024
Isot - Stationery Japan Tokyo 03/07/2024
Ispo Beijing China Beijing 12/01/2024
Itma Germny Hannover 16/09/2027
LES Intl Annual Conference Singapore Singapore 27/04/2025
Licensing Expo Usa Las Vegas 21/05/2024
Lifestyle Week Japan Tokyo 13/03/2024
Maison & objet spring - M&O France Paris 18/01/2024
Malaysia Gifts Fair (form. KLIGP) Malaysia Kuala Lumpur 18/06/2024
Markeding fall Austria Vienna 11/04/2024
Mega Show Bangkok Thailand Bangkok 17/07/2024
Mega Show Part 1 Hong Kong SAR Hong Kong 20/10/2024
Mega Show Part 2 Hong Kong SAR Hong Kong 27/10/2024
Merchandise World Spring U.k. Coventry 24/01/2024
Miami Pen Show Usa Miami 19/07/2024
Mipel Micam Spring Italy Milan 18/02/2024
Myvendo Fair Denmark Odense 06/03/2024
NALC North America Leadership Conference Usa Salt Lake City 05/05/2024
NEPPA Spring Expo Client Show Usa Rocky Hill CT 29/01/2024
Ny Now Retail Renaissance - Spring Usa New York 04/02/2024
NZ Gift Fair Autumn New Zealand Auckland 03/03/2024
NZ Gift Fair Winter New Zealand Christchurch 09/06/2024
Philadelphia Gift Show Usa Oaks PA 02/02/2025
Philadelphia Gift Show Fall Usa Philadelphia 04/02/2024
PPAF Expo Usa Orlando 21/08/2024
Ppai Expo Usa Las Vegas 13/01/2025
Ppai North American Leadership Conference Usa Salt Lake City 05/05/2024
PPPC NatCon Canada Toronto 09/09/2024
Premium Sourcing Paris France Paris 06/09/2024
Printwear Live & Promotion U.k. Birmingham 25/02/2024
Promo Show Poland Warsaw 14/02/2024
PromoGift Spain Madrid 14/01/2025
Promosyon Show Turkey Istambul 18/09/2024
Promz Product Premiere Gent Belgium Gent 23/01/2024
Promz Product Premiere Houten The Netherlands Houten 18/01/2024
Psi Duesseldorf Germany Duesseldorf 09/01/2024
PTE - PromotionTrade Italy Milan 30/01/2024
Reed Sidney Gift Fair Spring Australia Sidney 17/02/2024
RemaDays Poland Warsaw 30/01/2024
Saagny Summer Show Usa New York 07/05/2024
Sage Showcase (formerly Mapps) Usa Houston TX 27/04/2024
Seoul Int'l Sourcing Fair Korea Seoul 12/04/2024
Singapore Gifts Show Singapore Singapore 20/03/2024
Spring Fair Int'l U.k. Birmingham 04/02/2024
Style Thailand Bangkok 20/03/2024
Style Bangkok Spring Thailand Bangkok 20/03/2024
Sweets & Snacks Expo Usa Indianapolis 14/05/2024
Taipei Int'l Cycle Show Taiwan Taipei 06/03/2024
Taispo - Taipei Int'l Sporting Goods Taiwan Taipei 06/03/2024
TecStyle Visions Germany Stuttgart 13/02/2025
Texworld Evolution Usa New York 22/01/2024
Texworld Usa Winter Usa New York 22/01/2024
Tokyo Gift Show Life & Design Spring Japan Tokyo 06/02/2024
Tokyo Premium Incentive Show Spring - IPI Japan Tokyo 10/04/2024
Toronto Gift Show Spring Canada Toronto 28/01/2024
Toy Fair Nuerenberg Germany Nuerenberg 30/01/2024
ToyFest West Usa Long Beach 03/03/2024
Trendset Summer Germany Munich 06/01/2024
Trendset Winter Germany Munich 06/01/2024
Vicenza Oro Spring (Charm - Gold) Italy Vicenza 19/01/2024
Warsaw Gift & Deco Show Poland Warsaw 14/02/2024
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