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Industry Fairs Nation City Calender
Anuga Germany Cologne 07/10/2023
Beer & FoodAttraction Italy Rimini 19/02/2023
CHIC Hotel Investment Conference Canada York 18/04/2023
CIFF Furniture China Guangzhou 18/03/2023
Cosmofarma Italy Bologna 05/05/2023
Euroluce (Light) Italy Milan 18/04/2023
Hoga Germany Nurenberg 15/01/2023
Homi (form. Macef) spring Italy Milan 26/01/2023
Hong Kong Food Expo Hong Kong SAR Hong Kong 17/08/2023
Hong Kong Int'l Lighting Fair Fall Hong Kong SAR Hong Kong 27/10/2023
Hong Kong Int'l Lighting Fair Spring Hong Kong SAR Hong Kong 06/04/2023
Hong Kong Int'l Wine & Spirits Hong Kong SAR Hong Kong 10/01/2023
Hospitality Italy Riva del Garda 06/02/2023
Hospitality Day Italy Rimini 10/10/2023
Host - Int'l Hospitality Expo Italy Milan 13/10/2023
Hotel Italy Bolzano 23/10/2023
Hotel Investment Forum IHIF Germany Berlin 15/05/2023
Hotelex - Mega Shanghai Expo China Shanghai 29/05/2023
Hotelia Greece Thessaloniki 18/11/2023
Imm Cologne Germany Cologne 16/01/2023
Interzum Germany Cologne 09/05/2023
Interzum China CIFM China Guangzhou 28/03/2023
Ish Germany Frankfurt 13/03/2023
Ism Cologne Germany Cologne 29/01/2023
Ispa Expo Usa Columbus 12/03/2024
ITHIC hospitality in Italy Italy Rome 19/10/2023
Made Expo Italy Milan 15/11/2023
Prolight + Sound Germany Frankfurt 25/04/2023
Proposte Italy Cernobbio 18/04/2023
ProWine Singapore Singapore Singapore 25/04/2023
Sigep + Tech Expo Italy Rimini 21/01/2023
Sihra Catering and Food France Lyon 19/01/2023
Singapore Food and Beverage FHA Singapore Singapore 25/04/2023
The Inspired Home Show Usa Chicago 04/03/2023
TuttoFood Italy Milan 08/05/2023
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