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Industry Magazines Nation Language Industry
Gift and Gadget Eu English/IT Gifts - premiums
Prom’ Objet France French promotion
Kazachok France French/E Licensing
C!Mag France French Gift Promotion
Eurobjet France French Gifts - premiums
Psi Journal Germany German/E Gifts - premiums - stationery
Eppi magazine Germany English Gifts - premiums - stationery
Dedica Germany German Gifts - premiums
TVP Germany German/E textiles
Gifts, Premiums & Stationery Hong Kong All Gifts - premiums - stationery
Promotion Italy Italian Gifts - premiums - stationery
La Cartoleria Italy Italian/E Stationery
Promotessile Italy Italiano apparel
Gift Poland Polish Gifts& Gadgets
Payload Asia Singapore English cargo
Proteccion-Laboral Spain English/Spanish workwear
Marcaje Textile Spain Spanish/E printing
Protextil Spain Spanish Gift - Textile
Promotion Sweden Swedish Gifts - premiums
Stitch & Print The Netherlands English/D textiles
Promz Magazine The Netherlands Holland Gifts - premiums - stationery
PPD Promotional Product Distributor U.k. English Promotion
Printwear & Promotion U.k. English Gift - Apparel
Sales Promotion U.k. English Gifts - premiums
ROP Return On Performance Usa English Incentive Marketing
GoMC Usa English Confectionery
Premiumtime Usa English/IT Gifts - premiums
License! Global magazine Usa English Gifts - premiums - stationery
Impressions Magazine Usa English silksprint
Print Professional Usa English Seriprint
Promo Marketing Usa English Promotion
Incentive Usa English Gifts - premiums - incentive
Print Solutions Magazine Usa English printing
Candy Industry Usa English Confectionery
PM Promo Marketing Usa English Gift - Promotion
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