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Industry Magazines Nation Language Industry
Youmark Italy Italian Advertising
Advertising Age Usa English Advertising
Pubblicità Italia Italy Italian Advertising
Brand Forum Italy Italian Brand Marketing
Large Format Italy Italian/E digital print
ESM Engagement Strategies Magazine Usa English Hr - Motivation
Total Licensing English Licensing
MarketingProfs Usa English Marketing
Mymarketingnet Italy Italian marketing
Marketing Directo Spain Spanish Marketing
Mark Up Italy Italian Marketing
Web Marketing Tools Italy Italian/E Marketing
P5 Italy Italian Marketing
Marketing U.k. English Marketing
Research U.K. English Marketing
Marketing Magazine France French Marketing
Event Marketer Usa English Marketing
Kiosk Europe U.k. English Marketing
NMA - New Media Age U.k. English marketing
Marketing Week U.k. English Marketing
Brandweek Usa English Marketing
Media Key Italy Italian Marketing
BtoB Usa English Marketing
RetailWatch Italy Italian Marketing
2Morrow Italy Italian Marketing
Marketing Journal Italy Italian Marketing
Display International Germany German / E P.O.P.
Expo Usa English P.O.P.
All Pack Hellas Greece Greek/E packaging
Italia Publishers Italy Italian/E printing
Swiat DRUKU Poland Polish/E Printing
Chief Marketer Usa English Promo Marketing
Exhibitor Magazine Usa English Trade Fairs
Trade Fairs Germany German / E Trade Fairs
Expone Spain Spanish/E Trade Fairs
ExhibitCity Usa English Trade Fairs
M+A report Germany Deutsch Trade Fairs
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