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Associations Nation Language Industry
AIIC Int'l Ass'n of Conference Interpreters Switzerland any Translations
IASB - Int'l Ass'n of Speakers Bureaus Usa English speakers
ESAE - Europ. Society of Assn Executives Belgium English Associations
TIACA The Int'l Air Cargo Association Usa English Air Cargo
NAA - Newspaper Association of America Usa English Miscellaneous
Speakers Platform Usa English Speakers
CAPS - Canadian Ass'n Profess. Speakers Canada English speakers
Enterprise Engagement Alliance Usa English Miscellaneous
IOFAM Inst. of Association Management U.k. English Associations Manag't
G-Net Global Network Association Manag't U.k. English Associations
ZZZ weekly test Usa English test
NACAC - Nat Ass College Admission Counselling Usa English Miscellaneous
The Ass'n of Association Executives U.k. English Miscellaneus
AAE The Ass'n of Ass'n Executives Uk English Miscellaneus
U.I.A. Union of Int'l Associations Belgium English Miscellaneus
UIA Union of International Associations Belgium English Miscellaneus
AMC Institute of Ass'n Management Companies Usa English Miscellaneous
ENPA - Europ.n Newspaper Publisher's Ass'n Belgium English/F Miscellaneous
Assointerpreti Italy It/En/Fr/Sp Translations
#ItaliaLive Italy Italian Associations
ANES - Ass. Naz. Editoria Periodica Specializz. Italy Italian Miscellaneous
Compagnia delle Opere Italy Italian/E/S/P Miscellaneous
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