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  AMC Institute annual meeting

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Description There are very few opportunities for AMCs to network and talk solely with other AMCs. We will use this valuable time to discuss the profile of the volunteer leader and how those trends will impact the AMC industry. How will AMCs adapt to engage future volunteers? You don't want to miss this golden opportunity to reflect on this current AMC topic and network with AMC peers at the same time! Association Management Companies (AMCs) that have successfully met the requirements of the ANSI/AMC Institute Standard of Good Practices for the Association Management Industry have achieved the designation of Accredited AMC. Accredited AMCs are committed to consistently delivering the highest level of service to present and prospective clients by adhering to written policies and procedures. The initial group of AMCs who achieved accreditation when the program was first launched are recognized by the designation of "Charter Accredited" AMC. As of early 2012 there are 70 Accredited AMCs including 15 Charter Accredited AMCs. An AMC Institute Accredited AMC has invested significant time and money to meet or exceed the requirements of the only American National Standard for Association Management Companies.