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  BTO Be Travel Onlife leisure travel Firenze 29/11/2022
  Ibtm World M.i.c.e. Barcelona 29/11/2022
  ILTM - Int'l Luxury Travel Mart leisure travel Cannes 05/12/2022
  CSPI Annual Conference M.i.c.e. Louisville 12/12/2022
  Hotelex Shenzhen Hotels - contract - Food Shenzhen 14/12/2022
  Ces Electronics Las Vegas 05/01/2023
  Pcma Convening Leaders M.i.c.e. Columbus 08/01/2023
  Hong Kong Stationery Gifts - stationary Hong Kong 09/01/2023
  Ppai Expo Gifts - promotion Las Vegas 09/01/2023
  Hong Kong Toys & Games Gifts - stationary Hong Kong 09/01/2023
  Psi Dusseldorf Gifts - stationary Dusseldorf 10/01/2023
  Boe Best of Events Int'l M.i.c.e. Dortmund 11/01/2023
  Best of Events Int'l - BOE Events Dortmund 11/01/2023
  Hong Kong Int'l Wine & Spirits Hotel - Food Hong Kong 11/01/2023
  CMT The Holiday Exhibition leisure travel Stuttgart 14/01/2023
  NRF Retail Big Show Marketing New York 15/01/2023
  Hoga Hotels - Contract - Catering Nurenberg 15/01/2023
  Imm Cologne Hotels - contract - Food Cologne 16/01/2023
  Sihra Catering and Food Hotels - contract - Food Lyon 19/01/2023
  Impressions Expo Long Beach Screen printing Long Beach 20/01/2023
  Sigep + Tech Expo Hotels - Food Rimini 21/01/2023
  Promz Live Gifts - Promotion Amsterdam 24/01/2023
  PromoGift Gifts - promotion Madrid 24/01/2023
  Merchandise World Spring Swags - Gadgets Coventry 25/01/2023
  PTE - PromotionTrade Gifts - stationary Milan 25/01/2023
  AMCI annual meeting M.i.c.e. Orlando 25/01/2023
  Pure M.i.c.e. Paris 26/01/2023
  Ism Cologne Food - confectionery Cologne 29/01/2023
  ISE - Integrated Systems Europe audiovisual technology Barcelona 31/01/2023
  CTCO (form. Communiquez Textile) Gifts - Promotion Lyon 31/01/2023
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