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Company City Nation Details Hits
Active Rides Eggington U.k. 69
Argelli S.r.l. Fusignano Italy 69
Ascot Structures Heythrop U.k. 69
Balloon Promotion Ceva Italy 69
C.d.o. di Vanes Rossante Castagnaro Italy 69
Dancover A/S Hellebęk Denmark 69
De Boer International BV AK Alkmaar The Netherlands 69
Di Maggio srl Conversano Italy 69
Diamante Faenza Italy 69
En-ca Promobus Colle Val d'Elsa Italy 69
Eurotend Ceresara Italy 69
Extend srl Cittadella Italy 69
Frama S.p.A. Novi di Modena Italy 69
Gestimp srl Busnago Italy 69
Gotham Service Firenze Firenze Italy 69
Gruppo 2A srl Zibido S. Giacomo Italy 69
Helios Hotels Athens Greece 69
Ice-Magic Ice Rinks Reading U.k. 69
Kayam Norfolk U.k. 69
Milto srl Fossacesia Italy 69
mm Promotion GmbH & Co. KG Dortmund Germany 69
Mobile Promotions New Brook U.k. 69
Modo Promotion Front Canavese Italy 69
Movico mobile visual communications Deurne The Netherlands 69
Neptunus B.V. Kessel The Netherlands 69
Noleggio strutture Togni Rio Saliceto Italy 69
Peraria Fly Service srl Villafalletto Italy 69
Plasteco Milano srl Senago Italy 72
Prostir Trade Ltd Kiev Ukraine 69
Pubblifest Forlģ Italy 69
Quality Line srl Bressanone Italy 69
Quik Shade Europe Altivole Italy 69
Roder Kefenrod Germany 69
Skanbo GmbH Wels Austria 69
Skywalk GmbH und Co. KG Grassau Germany 69
Spann-Bau GmbH Barsinghausen Brunslohe Germany 69
SportPromotion Reano Italy 69
Tecnodimension Bescano Spain 69
TendSystem Lana Italy 69
Tensotend by Tebe srl San Giuliano Milanese Italy 69
Tent Event Freiburg Germany 69
Town and Country U.k. 69
Veldeman Structure Solutions Bree Belgium 69
Wesco Italia srl Biassono Italy 69
Zingerlemetal Spa Naz/Sciaves Italy 69
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