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International Science Services L'Aquila Italy 55
Across Sardinia Sassari Italy 57
Am Meeting Terni Italy 55
Aristea Genova Italy 52
Athena Traduzioni Congressi Pescara Italy 50
Atlante Congressi San Benedetto del Tronto Italy 54
AV Eventi e Formazione Catania Italy 54
Biomedical Technologies Srl Cagliari Italy 52
CentiMani San Benedetto del Tronto Italy 52
Cicacongress Palermo Italy 56
Congredior srl Ancona Italy 66
CCI Centro Congressi Internaz. Sea Genova Italy 54
Consulcongress Cagliari Italy 53
Consulta Umbria Perugia Italy 53
Corsi & Congressi Cagliari Italy 55
Csc Centro Servizi Congressuali Perugia Italy 54
C&S Congressi ed Eventi Palermo Italy 51
Dafne Servizi Congressuali Siderno Italy 52
Ecocongress Perugia Italy 54
Effegi 4 Events Orvieto Italy 59
Etna Congressi Catania Italy 54
Etrusca Conventions Perugia Italy 52
Eurocongressi adv Palermo Italy 54
Euromeeting di diemme Perugia Italy 50
Studio Eventi & Congressi Lanciano Italy 55
Finivest Congressi Catania Italy 53
Forum Service Genova Italy 54
Fullcongress sas San Cataldo Italy 52
Gastaldi Congressi Genova Italy 59
Global Business Agency Pescara Italy 55
Global Studio S.r.l. Genova Italy 55
Grindi Tourist Service Sassari Italy 59
HighStyle S.r.l. Bolzano Italy 54
Incongress Matera Italy 53
InterContact Pesaro Italy 54
Studio Nord Intercongress Ortisei Italy 54
Italymeeting srl Spoleto Italy 55
Gruppo Karma Matera Italy 52
Kassiopea Group Srl Cagliari Italy 50
La Miro' New Events Sassari Italy 54
Lisciotto Congressi Messina Italy 55
Matera Congressi - lionetti Matera Italy 53
Medea Communications Catania Italy 54
Meeting & Congress Organization sas Palermo Italy 55
Data Symposium Srl Sassari Italy 52
Nms Eventi e Comunicazione Pescara Italy 56
Chronos snc Catanzaro Italy 55
Orikata Trento Italy 53
Promeeting Orvieto Italy 52
Promoest Genova Italy 52
Pronto Turismo Catania Italy 53
Ranocchi srl Pesaro Italy 54
Rosa d'Eventi Genova Italy 54
Round Trip Consulting Palermo Italy 53
Sardinia Meeting Cagliari Italy 52
Sc Comunicazione e immagine Sant' Agata Li Battiati Italy 55
Studio Exedra snc Catania Italy 53
Studio Viale von der Goltz Genova Italy 55
Symposia Organizzazione Congressi Srl Genova Italy 53
Titan Congressi Reggio Calabria Italy 54
Top Congress Ancona Italy 55
Umbra Konvention Foligno Italy 50
Pandosia Viaggi Mendicino Italy 53
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