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  Emilia Romagna (Italy)

Company City Nation Details Hits
MI&T Organizzazione Congressi Bologna Italy 80
Progetka Srl Rimini Italy 79
Planning Congressi srl Bologna Italy 78
Delphi International s.r.l. Ferrara Italy 74
Defoe Piacenza Italy 69
Medicina Viva Emmevi Parma Italy 69
Mcc srl Bologna Italy 69
Conference Service srl Bologna Italy 69
Meeting Consultants Bologna Italy 69
Studio Moretti srl Bologna Italy 69
Euroconventions Piacenza Italy 69
Avenue media Bologna Italy 69
Studio Er Congressi Bologna Italy 69
OSC Healthcare S.r.l. Bologna Italy 69
Laboratorio delle idee Bologna Italy 69
DueCi Promotion Bologna Italy 69
Adria Congrex srl Rimini Italy 69
I&C srl Bologna Italy 69
Event Rimini Italy 69
CSR Congressi Srl Cadriano Granarolo Italy 69
Tuttomeeting Riccione Italy 69
Intras Congressi Bologna Italy 69
New Progress Bologna Italy 69
Linea Congressi Ferrara Italy 69
Unika Ferrara Italy 69
MV Congressi spa Parma Italy 69
My Meeting Srl Ozzano Emilia Italy 69
Euromeeting Bologna Italy 69
MI&T Organizzazione Congressi Bologna Italy 69
Dolphin Organization Bologna Italy 69
Noema srl Bologna Italy 69
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