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Computer and Internet

Associations Nation Language Industry
CEA - Consumer Electronics Association Usa English Consumer Electronics
Cedia Custom Elec.Design & Installation Ass. Usa English Electronics
CTIA - Int'l Ass'n for wireless Telecom's Usa English internet - mobile
DSF Digital Signage Federation Usa English Digital Signage
EISA Euro Imaging & Soun Ass'n Portugal All Consumer Electronics
EMA Emarketing Association Usa English Internet
FEDOWEB - Federaz.Operatori Web Italy Italian Computer & Internet
GFU mbh Germany German/E Consumer Electronics
GSMA - U.k. English Consumer Electronics
Ispa - Internet Services Providers' Assn, UK U.k English Computer & Internet
SNIA Storage Networking Ind. Ass'n Europe U.k. English internet - mobile
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