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Useful links Nation Language Industry
AAA Star rating Usa English star rating
AEA - Ass'n of European Airlines Belgium English mice Italy Italian mice
AIIC Int'l Ass'n Conference Interpreters Switzerland English mice
airlinenumbers Usa English mice
APS - Asia Professional Speakers Singapore English mice
Assaeroporti - Italian airports Italy Italian mice
Autostrade - Motorways in Italy Italy English/I mice U.k. English mice
Cdc - Travelers' Health Usa English mice
CEIR Center for Expo Industry Research Usa English mice
CountryCode Usa English mice
Currency Converter U.k. English/I/S/F/D mice Usa English distances
Dove siamo nel mondo Italy Italian mice
EITW Euro Inst. Meeting Industry Germany German mice
Enac - Italian Civil Aviation Italy Italian/E mice
E-travel Advisories Usa English mice
Europ. Feder. of Tourist Guide Associations France English mice Usa English mice
Fit - Int'l Federation of Translators Canada English/F mice
Flightstats Usa English mice
Forbes star rating - Startle Usa English star rating
German Speakers Ass'n Germany English mice Usa English mice
IFFPS - Int'l Fed. Profess. Speakers Canada English mice
Il meteo Italy Italian mice
International Civil Aviation Canada English mice
International Society of Travel Medicine Usa English Travel Medicine
ITAINDIA - Indian Translators Ass'n India English mice
Live Flight Tracking Usa English mice
Meetingstime 18,500 conference venues worldwide Usa English/IT mice Italy Italian mice
Ministero beni Culturali Italy All mice
Myforecast - weather Usa English mice
NSA - National Speakers Ass'n Usa English mice
NSAA - National Speakers Ass'n Australia English mice
NSASA - Nat. Speakers Ass'n South Africa South Africa English mice
Oanda currency converter Usa English/I/S/F/D mice
Oneworld global alliance Int'l English mice
Online conversion Usa English mice
PSA - Professional Speakers Ass'n U.k. English mice
Seat Guru - airplane seating info Usa English mice
SkyTeam Int'l English mice
Skytrax U.k. English mice
Star Alliance Int'l English mice
The Weather Channel Usa English mice
The world factbook Usa English mice
Time and Date Norway English mice
timeanddate Usa English mice
Trav Lang - translator Usa All mice
Tureb - Federation of Turkish Tourist Guides Turkey English mice
U.s. Department of State Usa English mice
U.S. Visa Italy Italy Italian mice
Vessel Finder U.k. English mice cruises
Viaggiare sicuri - A.c.i. Italy Italian business travel
Weather Underground Usa English mice
Wftga - World Federation of Tourist Guide Ass. Austria English mice
WordReference dictionary Usa English mice
World Meteorological Ornanization Switzerland English mice
World Time Server Int'l English mice
Worldlingo Usa English mice
X Rates Usa English mice
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