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Useful linksNationLanguageIndustry
11 links
ActionaidinternationalItalyEnglish/Isocial links
Adopte a petAustraliaEnglishanimals
Airc - Ass. Italiana Ricerca sul CancroItalyItaliansocial links
Aiutare i BambiniItalyItaliansocial links
American Red CrossUsaEnglishsocial links
Amnesty InternationalU.k.Englishsocial links
Amnistia AnimalSpainSpanishanimals
Anaa - Ass Nacional Amigos animalesSpainSpanishanimals
Andi Ass. Naz. Disabili ItalianiItalyItaliansocial links
AnglatItalyItalian/Esocial links
AnpilItalyItaliansocial links
AvisItalyItaliansocial links
Azione AiutoItalyItaliansocial links
Caritas AmbrosianaItalyItaliansocial links
Caritas ItalianaItalyItaliansocial links
Cesvi Cooperazione e SviluppoItalyAllsocial links
Cheetah Conservation FundUsaEnglishanimals
CIFAItalyItaliansocial links
City AngelsItalyItaliansocial links
Direct ReliefUsaEnglishsocial links
Dottor SorrisoItalyItaliansocial links
ECPAR InternationalThailandEnglishsocial links
EFTA European Free Trade Ass'nSwitzerlandEnglishsocial links
ENPA - Ente Naz. Protezione AnimaliItalyItaliananimals
European Disability Forum,BelgiumEnglishsocial links
European Federation of Food BanksFranceFrench / Esocial links
Fairtrade FoundationU.k.Englishsocial links
Foei - Friends of The Earth Int'lHollandEnglishsocial links
Fondation ThéodoraSwitzerlandFrenchsocial links
Fundación AltarribaSpainSpanishanimals
Gift for LifeUsaEnglishsocial links
GreaterGood NetworkUsaEnglishsocial links
GreenpeaceThe NetherlandsEnglishsocial links
Hlf - Human Life FundInt'lEnglish/Italiansocial links
I Bambini delle FateItalyItaliansocial links
Ifrc - Int'l Federation of Red Cross SocietisSwitzerlandEnglishsocial links
Ipa - International Pediatric AssociationSwitzerlandEnglishsocial links
Iucn - The World Conservation UnionSwitzerlandEnglish / Fsocial links
Just A DropU.k.Englishsocial links
KivaUsasocial links
Lav - Lega Anti VivisezioneItalyItaliananimals
Ledha - Lega diritti HandicappatiItalyItaliansocial links
Lega del filo d'oroItalyItaliansocial links
Lega Naz. Difesa del CaneItalyItaliananimals
LegambienteItalyItaliansocial links
Make-A-WishUsaEnglishsocial links
Medici senza frontiereItalyItaliansocial links
Medici volontari italianiItalyItaliansocial links
Missing Children EuropeBelgiumEnglish/Fsocial links
MotorwaysItalyItalian/Esocial links
Network for GoodUsaEnglishsocial links
Oecd - Org. For Economic Co-op & DevelopmtInt'lEnglishsocial links
Oipa Int'l Organisation Animal ProtectionItalyEnglishsocial links
OxfamUsaEnglishsocial links
Red CrossUsaEnglishsocial links
Rspca -Australiaanimals
San Miguel Resource CenterUsaEnglishsocial links
Save The ChildrenUsaEnglishsocial links
Share Our StrengthUsaEnglishsocial links
The Carter CenterUsaEnglishsocial links
The World Bank GroupUsaAllsocial links
Unep - United Nations Environment ProgrammeFranceEnglishsocial links
UnescoInt'lEnglish / Frenchsocial links
UNHCR - U.N. High Commiss. RefugeesSwitzerlandEnglishsocial links
UnicefInt'lEnglishsocial links
Unicef ItalyItalyItaliansocial links
United NationsUsaEnglishsocial links
Veterinari.itItalyItaliansocial links
WFP World Food ProgrammeItalyEnglishsocial links
WHO - World Health OrganizationSwitzerlandEnglishsocial links
WwfInt'lEnglishsocial links
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