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Useful links Nation Language Industry
AITI Ass. Ital. Traduttori e Interpreti Italy Italian translations
Area & countrycodes Worldwide Usa English miscellaneous
Assointerpreti Italy It-En-Fr-de tranlations
ATA American Translators Ass'n Usa English translations
ATC Ass'n of Translation Companies U.k. English translations
Camera di Commercio Italy Italian/E officials Italy Italian Job - Lavoro
Cia Usa English officials
Cme Planner Usa English Miscellaneous
Confcommercio Italy Italiano officials
Confindustria Italy Italian/E officials
Copyright Usa English officials
EUATC AIBSL Belgium English translations
Formazione Turismo Italy Italian ob - lavoro Usa all translations
Garante comunicazioni Italy Italian officials
Garante concorrenza e mercato Italy Italian officials
Garante privacy Italy Italian officials
Global Refund SA Switzerland English tax refunds
GSMA GSM Association U.k. English Miscellaneous
Health Usa & Canada Usa English officials
Hong Kong Ass'n Testing Inspection Hong Kong English/Chinese government
Hong Kong Innovation and Techno Commiss. Hong Kong English/Chinese government
Ice - Istituto Naz.per il Commercio Estero Italy Italian officials
Infobel - Telephone directory World Belgium Int'l Miscellaneous
International Dialing Codes Usa English Miscellaneous
Internet Public Library Usa English info
Int'l Federation of Customs Brokers Ass. Canada English Logistic
Int'l White and Yellow Pages Usa English Miscellaneous
Iso - Int'l Organiz. for Standardization Switzerland English/F miscellaneous
Italian Customs Italy Italian Logistic
Lavoro Turismo Italy Italian Job - lavoro
Ministero degli affari esteri Italy Italian/E officials
Ministero infrastrutture e trasporti Italy Italian officials
Passaporti Italiani Italy Italian officials
Poste Italiane Italy Italian Logistic Italy Italian Miscellaneous
Sace - Servizi Assicuratici Commercio Estero Italy Italian officials
Simest . Soc.Italiana per Imprese all'Estero Italy Italian officials
Spamhaus Switzerland English officials
Strikes in Italy Italy Italian officials
Taiwan Ext. Trade Devel. Council Taitra Taiwan Chinese/E officials
Ti consiglio un lavoro Italy Italian Job - Lavoro
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Usa English officials
Uia - Union of Int'l Associations Belgium English Miscellaneous
Uni - Ente Naz Italiano di Unificazione Italy Italian Miscellaneous
Unione Nazionale Consumatori Italy Italian Miscellaneous
Universal Postal Union Switzerland English / F Logistic
weekly test category Usa test
World Trade Organization Switzerland English/S/F Miscellaneous
ZZZ weekly test Usa English test
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