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  Mpi Wec - World Education Congress

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Description Exceptional performance is inspirational; whether in the entertainment or professional world. But complete confidence in knowing that you have the business intelligence to be exceptional is rare. A pro who really wants to succeed seeks out the skills to change that rarity into reality. What can really change your world? An event that not only inspires, but also empowers you to succeed; that coaches you and provides you with strong strategies and business connections. That event is priceless – because it’s actionable and empowers change. It’s time to turn inspiration into action, and MPI's World Education Congress will show you how. You will be empowered through knowledge and networking to create amazing events that deliver real business value – every time. Whether you learn on your own or by collaborating, have been in the industry for 20 years or for two, WEC is an immersion in the event industry. Customize your personal learning path while being surrounded by the industry's greatest experts and success stories. Know that you will have the opportunity to take your career to a level that will surprise your peers, your boss and most importantly you. Join the best of the best where business is booming, strategy is the order of the day, and ideas for great events are everywhere. It's time to go beyond inspiration and get into action - so you can perform and deliver events that are exceptional.