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Eurochocolate World

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Description Eurochocolate World offers comparison occasions and perspectives for a development in the global cocoa economy. Even this year culture, traditions and social-economic perspectives of the main cocoa producers countries will be the core of Eurochocolate World, the special section of Eurochocolate dedicated to cocoa production and fair trade chocolate, supported by ICCO - International Cocoa Organization and by Fair Trade Italia. Thanks to the stories of the cocoa producers delegations, held in Perugia for the occasion, everyone can understand the sense and the importance of chocolate fair trade and also travel in the cocoa world from Asia to Africa, to Latin America, discovering sounds and atmosphere of each country. The activities of the International Summit In the Hearth of Chocolate will begin in the sign of co-operation in order to safeguard consumers, informing them on quality, sustainability and responsible and critical consumption, but also to aim competences and know-how transfer between field operators by a thematic workshop method adopted in.
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