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Description We attract leaders of major organizations across all industries from around the world to Loyalty Expo because the event is designed with them in mind. Loyalty Expo creates a forum for practitioners allowing an open discussion sharing current challenges, recent success, tips and best practices for how to engender internal support and for educating and engaging both clients and employees. Be there to connect with the companies and organizations looking to build their customer engagement and loyalty strategies and define the best approach to find an advisor to help support their efforts. This conference is intended for mid to senior level individuals across a wide variety of organizations (banking, retail, entertainment, hospitality, restaurant, and brand organizations). Attendees from such countries as Canada, Mexico, Italy, Russia, Germany, Costa Rica, Honduras, and Brazil were represented at previous Loyalty Expos -- a truly international event. Loyalty Expo was created to be the first of its kind - a true voice of the customer-driven, best practice-focused customer engagement, loyalty and reward conference. Loyalty Expo will continually provide a forum of best-in-class vision and resources to assist our attendees in reaching their customer relationship-building goals through networking and learning from their peers. As a voice of the customer-focused organization, Loyalty 360 values your feedback, and we strive for continuous improvement to meet and exceed our clients' expectations. Our expanded peer-only roundtables were a hit at last Loyalty Expo, with more topics and longer discussion time.
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