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Cef China Electonics Fall

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Description China Electronics Fair (CEF) is the largest and most comprehensive exhibition of electronics and information industry in China. With its debut in 1964, CEF has grown up with China’s fast-growing economy and witnessed the transition and development of China’s electronics and information industry from planned economy to market economy. CEF is composed of spring, summer and fall edition held in Shenzhen, Chengdu and Shanghai respectively with a total exhibition area of 150,000 square meters each year. CEF serves applied fields including 3C, automobile, power supply and defense industry, etc. It helps your companies tap into the world s fastest growing electronics market. China Electronics Fair (CEF) - Shanghai will bring the decision makers, senior executives, leaders, experts and professionals of the industry under the same platform to exchange their ideas and share information between them. It also proves to be a major platform for more than 14,00 exhibitors as it helps them to enhance their market opportunities and business prospects by establishing good contacts and relationships with their target audiences present at the expo. The show caters to meet the increasing needs and demands of the electronic products in China and ensures smooth and proper flow of useful information among all the attendees. It also helps the professionals to gain a detailed insight about the sector and the industry
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